September 26, 2017

Tips For Golf Swing: Shift Your Weight To The Inside Of Your Right Foot During Your Back Swing

tips for golf swingOne of the best tips for golf swing is to shift your weight to the inside of your right foot during your back swing.

One of the reasons why this is an excellent tip for golf swing is that it helps to  prevent you from swaying off your ball during your golf swing.

A recent article discussed the importance of shifting  your weight to the inside of your right foot during your back swing as well as suggesting that you use your body more than your wrists to create more power and distance, and hit straighter golf shots. 

Both suggestions should help you improve your golf game.

Here is a portion of the article.

“So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Golf Swing. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Unlike badminton where wrist flicks play a major role, golf, on the other hand, is not a wrist game. Many amateur golf players tend to hit the ball relying on the power of only the arms and wrists. Although this may work from time to time, this does not yield real stability and power. To achieve an effective swing, you should use the entire body ? employ the muscles of the trunk and legs for maxed out power.

However without a good balance, no swing is effective enough. As with any structure that requires a solid foundation, your swing also needs to be provided with a firm support. Try practicing hitting some balls with your feet approximately six inches apart. This will enable you to keep up a great balance, as well as pace, and will be helpful when you return hitting at your usual stance.

Noting the knees

It is best if you put your body?s weight on the inside of your right foot and preserve a slight bend in the knee while on the backswing. As you swing the club backwards, make sure that the right knee is rock-solid ? this helps you utilize the power coming from your trunk, and send the ball flying. Many amateurs too have this mistake of letting the left knee give way towards the right leg during the backswing.

This does not good a swinger any good except making the hips sway and make an overturn. In order to deal with this properly, on the backswing, you should stabilize both knees. Imagine there?s a basketball between your thighs, and that is how stabilized your knees are ? enough to hold the ball up.”

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To maximize power and distance you need more than your wrists involved. You must also rotate your shoulders as far as possible without losing your balance during your back swing. This will help you hit the golf ball straight and far.

Keeping your weight more on the inside of your right foot and relying more on the power generated from your shoulder rotation than  merely hinging your wrists during your back swing are two significant and timely tips for golf swing.

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