September 26, 2017

Fix A Slice: The Best Way

fix a sliceAnytime you pick up a golf magazine or turn on the golf channel you are inundated with some new way to fix a slice.

However, none of these so-called ways to address the cause of why golfers slice or any meaningful remedy to fix a slice.

Sometimes the conditions do call for a slice or fade but most of the time you want to hit the golf ball straight-as-an-arrow.

The cause of a slice begins with the initial golf grip.

The instant you assume either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball type of grip – that comprises more than 99% percent of preferred grips by all golfers- your clubface rotates to an open alignment and to an out-to-in swing path. This creates the classic slice ball flight alignment.

If there is no body movement between the time the club is initially gripped and the time the clubface contacts the ball at impact an open clubface will contact the ball on an out-to-in swing path and, assuming enough club head speed, the ball will slice.

However, if there is some body movement between the time the grip is assumed and the backswing begins that may rotate the clubface to a different alignment, swinging the clubface to the inside of its established path also can result in a slice

In either case,  the answer is not to attempt to manipulate the clubface during the golf swing to square the clubface to the ball at impact to fix a slice, as most conventional instructors coach.

Rather, the best golf method to fix a slice  is to convert a slice alignment to a square alignment immediately after assuming a grip of the club – before it is rotated by some body movement.

Aftermore than 10 years of experoments and research I have been able to design, develop and perfect more than 100 techniques to convert a slice alignment to a square alignment during or immediately after gripping a club and then locking-in the square alignment that will remain locked-in for the remainder of the setup proceedings as well as during the golf swing,

Some of these techniques are discussed in several of  the instructional books I have written to hit a golf ball as straight as a laser beam.

Others are discueesd in DVDs, Special Reports and in posts at http://lockedingolf.comat

When you lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during your set up routine, you are on your way to fix a slice like never before.

Copyright 2011by Gordon Jackson. All rights reserved.hit the golf ball straight