September 26, 2017

How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight: You Must Pivot Your Hips Correctly

how to drive a golf ball straightMost beginning golfers have difficulty in pivoting their hips correctly when trying to learn how to drive a golf ball straight. Unless you learn how to pivot  your body correctly during your golf swing do not expect to learn how to drive a golf ball straight or, for that matter, hit any club very straight or far.

Most beginning golfers use their hands and arms with little or no shoulder and hip turn when hitting  golf shots. This is not a good method to hit straight golf shots. It definitely is not a sound golf method to hit golf balls very far.

Although you can produce some distance of the golf ball by merely swinging your hands and arms, particularly if you hinge and unhinge your wrists properly, such distance will be far less than what can be produced by pivoting your hips and turning your shoulders  in sync with your hands, wrists and arms during your back swing.

Therefore, the best golf swing instructions for the beginning golfer is to pivot the hips and shoulders in unison with the movement of the hands and arms, with a proper hinging and unhinging of the wrists, during the swing.

Here is a portion of a recent article about the significance of pivoting your body during your golf swing:

“At a certain point of the golf swing, you must pivot your body. Without the pivot, you can’t get the right follow through, or have any power. In order to have a proper golf swing, the lower body must control the upper body, and without the right pivot, this won’t happen. Arms and shoulders are needed in a proper golf swing, but beginners don’t allow the lower body to be what makes it all work.”  Read more…

Most beginning golfers feel uncomfortable about pivoting their  hips and turning their shoulders to the maximum during their back swings because they feel they will sway their bodies.

One way to cure this fear is to keep your knees flexed at the same angle and maintain eye contact with the ball through impact.

Whether trying to learn how to drive a golf ball straight or hit it far and long, you will be best served by becoming more comfortable in pivoting your hips and turning your shoulder to the maximum in unison with the movement o your hands, wrists and arms during your back swing.

Then, at this point, it just becomes a matter of allowing your club face to return reflexively to the ball during your downswing without any effort to manipulate it in some way.

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