October 21, 2017

How to Drive A Golf Ball Straight: Be Right At The Top

how to drive a golf ball straightOne of the keys of how to drive a golf ball straight is to be in the correct position at the top of your golf swing.

The reason why this golf swing instruction is so significant is that if you do not have a square club face and an on line swing path at the top of your back swing, it will be necessary to manipulate your club in some way during your downswing in an attempt to deliver a square club face to your ball.

That is,  if your objective is to hit a drive your golf ball straight

Many players try to square a misaligned club face to the ball at impact by overly using their wrists during their downswing.

You may have witnessed Tiger Woods attempting to square his club face to the ball by forcing too much wrists action in some of his swings at the recent  Masters, apparently because his club face was misaligned at the top of his swing.

The result of what happened to Tiger in such instance is what occurs with so many golfers. He pushed his ball to the right and missed the green several times.

Obviously, a much preferred golf method to hit straight golf is to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during your setup routine.

If  you then identify your target line, assume a comfortable address position, center your club face directly behind your ball and align your shoulders parallel with your target line, you will be in a perfect position to hit your golf ball straight.

Then, if you keep your left heel planted and your head steady and, execute a simple golf swing, your downswing will deliver a square club face to your ball on a path that matches your target line. In turn, your ball should fly on a straight path in line with your target, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your ball and your stance.

You must be careful in commencing your downswing because, even assuming your clubface is aligned squarely at the top of your swing, if you inject too much wrist action in your downswing you could either block your shot or duck-hook it, neither a good result when you could otherwise hit your ball straight as a laser beam simply by allowing your hands to release in a natural way through the impact zone.

Some golfers also mishit their golf shots, even when they have squared their club face at the top of their swing, by sliding their hips toward the target to commence their downswing.

Typically when you slide your hips toward your target instead of allowing them to rotate naturally to begin your downswing, you will block your golf shot, particularly if you had your clubface squared at the top of your backswing, as it should be,  if your objective was to hit a straight golf ball.

Again, in learning how to drive a golf ball straight, lock-in a straight ball flight alignment, complete your set up as described above and then execute a balanced golf swing without any manipulation of your club in any way during your downswing.

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