September 26, 2017

How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight: Synchronize Your Arms, Wrists And Hips

how to drive a golf ball straightWhen learning how to drive a golf ball straight you should synchronize  your arms, wrists and hips.

If you fail to work your arms,wrists and hips in unison when learning how to drive a golf ball straight, you will lose both distance and accuracy.

Coordinating a synchronized movement of your arms,wrists and hips in your down swing will definitely improve your golf game.

Many instructors insist that you should slide your hips toward the target to commence your down swing. Such instruction demonstrates that the student is out of the of position at the completion of the back swing.

If a golfer is in a correct position at the completion of the back swing and slides his or her hips forward to begin the down swing, a disaster is in the making.

Other instructors as well as many professionals contend that the down swing should begin by dropping the arms downward.

This may feel like what happens in the golf swing and may work as a swing thought for many players. However, if you drop your hands straight downward without rotating your hips, look out for anything but straight golf shots.

A recent golf article addresses the  importance of utilizing the arms, wrists and hips to generate speed in the golf swing. Here is a part ot this article.

“You can successfully increase the level of golf swing speed by coordinating the role of different body parts involving particularly the hips, arms and wrists. A lot of new golfers are not able to increase their golf swing speed because they tend to focus merely on a particular part of the body. For example, many people tend to pay attention to their arms and wrists more than their hips. In reality every part of the body needs to have a consistent coordination including your emotional state at the moment you are delivering a swing.”

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Certainly, the downswing must begin with a rotation (not a slide) of the hips to transfer the body weight from the right foot to the left foot but this cannot be an independent movement.

At the same time, the arms must be allowed to drop down and the wrist hinge should remain intact until the impact zone.

Unhinging the wrist too soon in the down swing is as counterproductive as dropping the arms without rotating the hips or, rotating the hips without dropping the arms.

The down swing should be nothing more than a reflexive movement of the arms, wrists and hips, all working in unison.

The faster you turn your hips the faster your arms will drop down but this hip rotation should not be done in an independent manner.

Therefore, when learning how to drive a golf ball straight remember to practice a synchronized and reflexive down swing and you will be on your way to playing excellent golf.

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