September 26, 2017

How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight: Perform A Consistent Pre-Shot Routine

how to drive a golf ball straightWhen learning how to drive a golf  ball straight it  is important to perform a consistent pre-shot routine. The reason why you should perform a consistent pre-shot routine when learning how to drive a golf ball straight is your pre-swing routine accounts for much of the success of your golf shot.

When you are inconsistent in performing your pre-shot routine you most likely will be inconsistent in  your ball striking.

For example, if you are inconsistent in how far you stand from your ball, your golf shots will likewise be inconsistent. If you are inconsistent in the width of your stance, your golf shots also will be inconsistent.

Performing a consistent pre-shot routine is one of the ways to improve your golf swing in a nanosecond.

If you are inconsistent about how you align your feet in relation with your target line and, to your target, your ball flight likewise will be inconsistent.

A recent golf article addressed some of the consequences of  having an inconsistent pre-shot routine. Here is a portion of this recent article.

“If you watch any tour player (man, woman, senior, Euro, etc.), you will see they all have a pre-shot routine. If Tiger Woods shoots 67 his opening round during this year’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am (save the 62 for Saturday), you will see Tiger do the same routine before every shot 67 times! The routine does not stray or change over the course of the round. The routine stays exactly the same and that’s how it works. Read more…”

Keep in mind that consistency during the set-up proceedings does not guarantee a sucessful golf shot. It just makes it more likely, assuming a golfer kmows the fundamental mechanics of the golf swing and how to hit a golf ball straight.

If you know how to grip your club correctly, position your club face properly behind your ball and, comply with other such requirements, during your pre-shot proceedings, and you perform each step on a consistent basis, you should learn how to drive a golf ball straight in no amount of time at all.

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