September 26, 2017


how to drive a golf ball straightWhen learning how to drive a golf ball straight, setting up to the ball is critical. You really will not know how to drive a golf ball straight until you learn how to address your ball properly.

As Ben Hogan was known to remark, “ninety percent of the golf swing is completed before the actual swing begins” or, words to that effect.

I consider the grip to be one of the most essential steps in the setup proceedings. If you have any doubts as to whether you are gripping your club correctly, you should seek out the help of a professional instructor.

Next comes the stance and posture to the ball.

You certainly can simulate a proper grip without a club in your hand.

Like wise, you can simulate a correct stance and posture. This part of a recent article provides some golf swing tips on how to simulate a correct stance and posture to your ball:

“Don’t get carried away trying to pull off an unnatural stance. Practice standing without holding your club. Stand at the same distance from the ball you would stand if you were holding the club. Stand straight, then flex your knees and bend them a bit. Next, allow your arms to fall to club height. Clap your hands together, as if around a club. That is the natural stance you should take. If you feel awkward in this position, you are doing something wrong.”

All too many golfers bend their knees too much and do not stand tall enough too the ball during their set up  proceedings.

The best advice is to stand to the ball in such a way that your chin is in line with the base of your hands.

This usually means that you should have about a “fist”  of separation  between the butt of your club and your body. It also means you need to flex your knees as though in a military “at ease” stance.

When learning how  to drive a golf ball straight, get yout setup right and you will be on your way to hitting your driver as straight-as-an-arrow.

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