September 26, 2017

Best Golf Tips: How To Better Enjoy Practice

One of the best golf tips is learn how to enjoy your practice sessions.

The reason why this is one of the best golf tips is the more you practice properly the more your game will improve. There also is something to the often quoted axiom: practice doesn’t make perfect but rather perfect practice makes perfect.

Some golfers do not enjoy practice, including several professional players.

I truly love to go to a practice facility and hit one bucket or container of balls, one after another. However,  I have a purpose as to each shot.

On the other hand, many golfers have no purpose in their practice. They continue to mishit golf shots but have no plan to determine the reason why.

I call repeating the same swing and expecting a different result is golf insanity.

One golf method to improve one’s swing during practice is to change just one thing at a time when experimenting with some modifications to your swing.

This is precisely how I discovered what I characterize as the “Vardon Curse.”

The “Vardon Curse” is the anatomical phenomenon that the instant you grip a golf club in a conventional manner your wrists will rotate your club face to a  open alignment. In addition, your wrists will rotate  your club to an out-to-in swing path. This will create a slice ball flight alignment.

From this discovery, I continued with different experiments in my practice sessions until I learned how to move certain body parts after gripping my club to covert the inherent slice ball flight alignment to a either a straight, draw, fade, hook, push or pull ball flight alignment.

However in doing so, I only changed one thing at a time until I perfected each techniques.

I recently read an article about making practice more fun, a part of which reads:

“Unfortunately, many of today’s tour players are mired in analytical overload, resulting in a slow pace of play that has become the scourge of the game. This practice carries down to amateur golfers, who become even more overburdened by swing thoughts, making practice sessions nothing less than painful.

To rectify this problem, golf instructors must show students how to enjoy practice. As a younger player, I remember how practice became servitude, especially when I was consumed by anxiety, indecision, doubt and bad memories. It was only when I discovered that practice could be an enjoyable exercise that I began to improve. Hitting it high then low, right then left, fast tempo then slow tempo, finally made practice exciting.” Read more…

One way to enjoy golf more is to gather score cards of as many courses in you area as possible.

Then when at a practice range, select the club you would use off the tee box for each hole and swing your club as though you were actually playing the course. You would continue with each subsequent shot for each hole and so on.

The only thing lacking would be the putting. It not only is fun to simulate actual play in this manner, it also should  improve your golf game.

It alone could be one of the best golf tips ever, particularly in terms of having fun during your practice sessions.

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