October 21, 2017

Best Golf Tips: Learn To Use The 64 Degree Wedge

hitting the golf ball straightOne of the best golf tips is to learn how to use the 64 degree wedge in order to improve your short game.

Another reason why learning how to use the 64 degree wedge is one of the best golf tips is that the ball will “check up” better than with the lob or sand wedge.

If you learn to use the 64 degree wedge, sometimes referred to as the “flop” wedge, you will not only improve your short game but, in addition, improve your golf game in general.

Some golfers have difficulty hitting the flop wedge effectively and consistently because they have the tendency to hit their shots either thin or fat.

Those who have a challenge hitting the golf ball straight with a 64 degree wedge typically have the same challenge hitting a lob (60 degree) wedge straight to their target.

The main reason why some golfers are not comfortable hitting the flop wedge is that they either fail to establish a square club face alignment at the completion of their set up proceedings or attempt to manipulate the club in some way during their golf swing.

The best golf swing tips to hit flop as well as lob wedges is to lock-in a square alignment of the club face during the set-up routine.

There are more than 100 techniques in books, DVDs and Special Reports available at http://lockedingolf.com with instructions to lock-in a square alignment to enable golfers to hit straight golf shots.

Once locked-in to a square club face alignment and, correspondingly, to a straight ball flight alignment, all remaining is to assume a comfortable stance and posture to the ball, center the sweet spot of the club face within one-eighth of an inch to the back of the ball and align the shoulders parallel with the target line to complete the set up proceedings.

Then, if you keep your left heel firmly planted, maintain a stable head and execute a simple golf swing free of any manipulation, you will no longer fear hitting your golf ball fat or thin when using a 64 or 60 degree wedge.

Instead, be prepared to hit some of the best golf shots of your life.

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