September 26, 2017

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight: It All Starts With A Proper Set Up

how to hit a golf ball straightWhen learning how to hit a golf ball straight it all starts with a proper set up. The reason why you must have a proper set up when learning how to hit a golf ball straight is because, the set up determines ninety percent of the golf shot, according to the legendary Ben Hogan.

If you do not have a correct set up you must manipulate your club in some weird way to deliver a square club face to the ball if your objective is to hit straight golf shots.

A recent article spoke to the significance of setting up to the ball properly.

“The key element of a bad golf swing is sometimes not the golf swing itself but the most of the time it is the golfer’s set-up. The set-up may pertain to different things like the golfer’s clubs, his accessories, the clothes and etcetera. Some golfers think that a good set-up can make up for the lousy swing.

One of the most crucial mistakes that a golfer can make is underestimating the time spent on the set-up than the game. Some even think that they can have all the names in golf with them and just whack the ball silly. It may have worked for Happy Gilmore but it sure won’t work for Average Joe and his lousy swing because Happy Gilmore is in a movie and Average Joe is not.” Read More…

The ideal golf method to set up to the ball is one in which the club face is locked-in to a square alignment. When the club face is locked-in to a square alignment, the elbow line correspondingly will be parallel with the shoulder line to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment.

Many golfers believe they have a square alignment at the completion of their set up routine because the club face appears to be aligned squarely.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the club face does translate to its true alignment.

There are some simple golf swing instructions to determine whether a square club face alignment is locked-in. It is called the Shoulders-Up Test™.

Here is how to conduct the Shoulders-Up Test™.

At the completion of the set up proceedings, keep your club face centered behind your ball, lock your knee joints and keep the club face soled to the ground.

Then raise your shoulders very slowly while your club face remains grounded. If the sole of the club face slides freely in your direction, it will indicate a locked-in square club face alignmnet.

However, if there is any resistance or rotation of the club face when you raise your shoulders very slowly, it will indicate that you do not have a locked-in square club face alignment.

The only sure way of locking-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of your club face during your set up routine is to utilize one of  the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques addressed in books, DVD’s and Special Reports that are available at

When you learn how to lock-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of your club face, the remainder of the set up proceedings are as easy as falling from a log.

You will then be able to experience how to hit a golf ball straight.

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