September 26, 2017

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight: Consistency Is An Essential Key

how to hit a golf ball straightMost golfers want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight.

There are many requirements to learning how to hit a golf ball straight, one of which is consistency.

I was struck with the inconsistency of Tiger Woods in the recent Masters.

I realize he is going through some swing changes with his new coach, Sean Foley, but frankly I do not see much improvement resulting from Foley’s  golf swing instructions.

In the past he went through some swing changes with Butch Harmon which led to most of his major wins. Yet he was not satisfied with Butch’s golf method.

After he left Butch, he went through another series of swing changes with Hank Haney but apparently he became disenchanted with Hank’s golf instructions as well.

Many feel Tiger would have been much better off and would have won a lot more majors had he just stuck with Butch.

Butch has the ability to instill more consistency in one’s swing than any other celebrity coach.

Tiger certainly would have been able to hit a lot more straight golf shots than what we saw out of him at the Masters.

Here is a portion of a recent article on the importance of consistency of the golf swing:

“The key to playing good golf is consistency. What is that? Well it was explained to me many
years ago that the best are the best because they make fewer mistakes. That starts in the
classroom at school, to the playing fields, the business arena and onto the golf course. The best
example I know of is Luke Donald who to date, on the European Tour has won money in 103
out of 106 tournaments. That is a phenomenal achievement and testimony to where every golfer
should be aiming. Luke is very intelligent and has worked hard on the areas of his game he
recognised needed improvement.

But isn’t that combining common sense with technical skill? And I teach my players that
common sense accounts for a large part of the mental game of golf.” Read more…

Tiger is one of the most intelligent players of all time when it comes to the mechanics of golf but the continuing change of coaches and different swings has done more harm than good.

As the article suggests, part of being consistent is confidence in your swing. Somehow Tiger has lost that confidence. In turn, he has loat consistency.

After all, when learning how to hit a golf ball straight, one of the main components is consistency in the swing.

If you believe Tiger would have been better off by sticking with Butch Harmon as his coach, kindly click the “likes” button.

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