November 22, 2014


A conventional style of grip creates a slice ball flight alignment the instant it is formed on a club. If you slice, HOW TO HIT A GOLF BALL AS STRAIGHT-AS-AN-ARROW will cure your slice in a heart beat. The book, HOW TO HIT A GOLF BALL AS STRAIGHT-AS-AN-ARROW, introduces ten different and unique techniques to lock-in a straight-as-an-arrow ball flight alignment during the pre-shot routine. All that remains is to complete the setup routine and execute a simple golf swing. Then watch your ball fly like a laser beam directly to your target. The benefits of learning the ten techniques in this book are incredible, For example, once you learn these techniques you can expect to-
  • Hit your ball farther than ever before.
  • Hit your ball higher than ever before - because a square clubface and an on-line swing path at impact produces the highest ball flight.
  • Hit your ball on a straight path down the middle of the fairway with each and every drive.
  • Hit your ball directly to the green with each approach shot.
  • Enjoy the game like never before.
  • Stay out of the sand and water hazards - forever.
  • Stop slicing your ball out-of-bounds.
  • Stop hooking your golf shots into the rough and woods.
  • Never again shank another golf shot.
  • Never again skull another golf shot.
  • Never again chunk another golf shot.
  • Never again pull your golf shot out-of-bounds.
  • Never again push your golf shot out-of-bounds.
HOW TO HIT A GOLF BALL AS STRAIGHT-AS-AN-ARROW is downloadable and can be sent to you instantly. It will take only a few minutes to learn each technique and before the end of the day you should be hitting your ball longer, straighter and higher than you could ever imagine.
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Golf Swing Tips and Techiques

golf method

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